I only regenerated a little bit.
Hello there! I'm the Doctor. Just the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The last one, actually. That's the basic overview of it. Any questions?
M!A: None.
((Independent AU!Doctor RP blog! In this AU, something in the regeneration process went wrong, and now he has both the personalities of Ten and Eleven crammed into his head. I track #allonsybutgeronimo and I'll RP with anyone from any fandom! Mun is on season six of Doctor Who so I am not caught up. Mun is underage.))
FC: Matt Smith

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The Doctor swung open the TARDIS doors, hanging on them as he stared at his surroundings. “Well, definitely on Earth.” he said to himself, walking away from the TARDIS, looking around a bit, his hands in his pockets. Looking to the side, he ran into someone. “Oh, uh, sorry!” he said to them. “I was just… taking a look around.”

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